“Don’t drop the vase!
              DON’T DROP THE
              FUCKIN’ VASE—
              OH MY GOD!”


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              Mistakes and Misunderstandings live in this world.
              Their existence forever engraved in human hearts.
              There, Kat hides inside the red tunnel of the playground.
              Gasps and sobs emit from her lips as she quiver in the cold area.
              I’m such an idiotshe says to herself.
              She takes it as the truth, and forever does it chase her down to eternity.



Ann Brashares, My Name is Memory

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i owe replies and starters so wheeee


                          ❝ Young? Yeah, I guess you could say that. Being
                              twelve-years-old is hard. I’m not like other
                              people my age, y’see. 


             Wow, we’re full of sarcasm today, aren’t we, Kichiro?

              “Well congratulations in being
              the first child to make his way
              into the Department of Justice!”

              The girl retorts with ever light
              grace. Fingers prod the wooden
              door, having it open in slit
              measurement. Quietness fills
              beyond the door, a message to
              have the girl feel relief.

              They’re too loud in this closet.

              “You don’t work here.”